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Teams & Riders Tadej Pogačar discussion thread

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Who has ever done a sprint lead out when he is about to win a grand tour and has an appointment at the biggest race in the world? Unheard of 🐐
A fellow Bradley Wiggins enjoyer! Good man! Don't see many gracing the forums nowadays

Absolutely perfect first half of the season for Pogačar, 14 wins!

Just hope he doesn't leadout Molano again in a Grand Tour.

A monster first part of the season: a GT, a monument, other important races (Strade, Catalunya), ten stages. All won in absolutely dominant fashion. Only MSR victory is missing to make it perfect but 3rd is good as well. Great season already and it's far from over. He should feel less pressure from now on.
May 10, 2024
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Reading these forums i get the feeling it's quite redundant to watch the actual races.
We know it all: Watts per kilo, preparation details, who's the greatest and who's the next Merckx,
who will crack when and how, who should wind and most importantly: who is actually going to.

So, looking at all these crashes I got an idea: why not just go with all the excellent knowledge and opinions, why risk the rider's health? Just have a poll, some betting, perhaps throw in a watts/kilo Zwift session and we're done.

And then we can all have a nice chat.
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So it is confirmed, Pog wins his 3rd grand tour in a so far stellar season. Hard to gauge his true level due to no Vingegaard but no signs of him fading with old age. Hard to believe he is still only 25.

Now all the Pogacar fans (including myself) hope he recovers well, stays healthy and uninjured and can really give the Tour de France a big shake.

I still think a motivated Roglic and fresh and maturing Remco can be the big threats along with possibly his legs in the 3rd week. There is good reason why no rider has managed to win the double in 26 years. But so far this does look more promising than Alberto Contador's attempts in 2011 and 2015. We will see.


Apr 11, 2024
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And yet he didn't reached on this Giro the numbers he produced last year in the Tour de France when he clearly improved from 2022 to 2023 in terms of climbing level.

So, that take doesn't fit right with what happened on the road. Plus, it doesn't make sense thinking he had just one bad day in 21 days(he was already good 2 days after in the vosges) because of preparation, since he also had a bad day in 2022. It was public that he crashed in the stage and had stomach issues.

Pogacar climbing level in the Tour 2023 was is best version ever, and it was with San Millan.
Better not to compare this Giro with the last Tour, it has nothing to do with it, here he has only forced when he wanted and maybe we haven't seen everything. But he's probably much better this May than in May 2023 ;)...and there's a month of preparation left.

He obviously achieved a higher level of climbing, but May volume training did not exist, he had no base, foundation or whatever you want to call it.
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