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Teams & Riders Tao Geoghegan Hart discussion thread

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Hart with the smash and grab into pink. Incredible win for him and the young guns this year. He showed all the hate he wasn't a GC contender wrong the last few years. Hopefully his career can continue to grow and isn't stagnated by Ineos's talent depth.
Congrats. He and Hindley seemed equal on climbs, and he was the better time trialer.
Though it would have been nice to see Hindley giving it a try on Lago di Cancano, because I don't know who was the better climber, they seemed evenly matched in Piancavallo, Lago di Cancano and Sestriere. ( the previous ones don't really count imo because of the GC situations )
I think HIndley was slightly stronger climbing as shown by his strength on the Piancavallo when he was still riding in support of Kelderman whereas Tao just had to sit in.

I don't think Jai had anything left to give on the Lago di Cancano. You do what you can and it seemed he did exactly that but it was way too little to put TGH into any difficulty.
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The first page reminds me of the golden thread of Matteo Jorgenson (even if the title here leaves A LOT to be desired). Though, it saddens me to see how the Irish language has degenerated:

"For example the word "beiriu", used to be spelled "beirbhiughadh". "
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A 25 year-old white sportsman who makes a statement for what he believes in, namely condemnation of racism, no matter what the outcome, is a virtuous lad period. And it doesn't take the attacks of outspoken onservative revisionists and their twisted apologies to transform Tao's message into a vice of intolerable liberal extravagance.
On a general level, I don't know why cycling being easy to access would be desirable. It has "connected him to many and much", fine, but there are many other, easier ways to achieve that I think, without having to make the sacrifices you have to make in cycling and exposing yourself to the very real physical danger of the sport, among other things. So, I'm not sure whether the "power of the bicycle" is a real thing, and I also don't quite see what makes the bicycle "humble".
as long as he keeps it in "general" level of comments i see nothing wrong with that...its once an athlete try to go deeper (ala lebron james whose ignorance in political issues is covered only by the massive following on social media) the problems occur

even his attempt at "sponsoring" a place in a team for a person of colour, as missguided as it is, at least comes from a good place

just dont dye your hair blue