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Let Affini go to the Giro, take Dumoulin instead to the TDF. I would pick Benoot and Laporte over Teunissen, but he's been part of the TDF team in recent years so i'm not sure they'll leave him out.
I thought so, too, but I could actually see that happening. Groenewegen probably wants Teunissen as his lead-out. edit: that aged well(!)

LaPorte to the Tour seems likely to me.
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Yet another guy who thinks he deserves to ride for himself at the Tour, at that rate they might also add Groenewegen to the Tour team...
You think they're gonna beat Pogacar by riding tempo like a sky train? They already tried that, remember. If Jumbo wants to win the TDF they have to be willing to gamble with more than one GC option. Dumoulin going for his own success will only increase Roglic' chances.
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They definitely aren't going to take Groenewegen to the Tour.

They definitely aren't going to take Groenewegen to the Tour.

A bit surprising because these things don't usually happen, but it really does make sense.

Where will he go? Bahrain?
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It‘s a logic step. Jumbo-Visma has excellent reputation and their leaders Roglic and Van Aert are extremely popular. Groenewegen didn‘t fit in there any more, after his move against Jakobsen in Poland.
I don't think it has much, if anything, to do with that. He wanted to go to the Tour but that was never going to happen in a team with Roglic, Van Aert, Vingegaard and Dumoulin.
Groenewegen will have a decent sprint train to support his ambitions - BEX is a good fit. - The other issue to be considered is that WT licence renewals are up at the end of 2022 - If BEX has another year like 2020/2021 then their licence could be in doubt.
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Kinda depends on how much they're paying Groenewegen, but they'll probably bring him to the Tour if he makes a little less money it's probably worth it for him, while it's probably only a good deal for TBE if he wins a Tour stage or two.
At least they can now work for a sprinter who actually wins races instead of Matthews. No guarantee everything works out but they're a lot more likely to win stages at the Tour this way.

I also have a lot of respect for Jumbo giving Groenewegen this opportunity, the rise of other riders in the team meant he was no longer going to get the support and programme you'd expect of a rider with his qualities and the move means Dekker and Kooij will have more room to develop, yet most teams would rather 'protect their assets' than let one of their better riders go even when it's a good decision to do so.
Regarding Groenewegen. This move should enable him to get back to the Tour as being a part of plan A. Leaving a team such as JV should likely account as penance. Making his potential future wins more acceptable to the general public. All in all i wish him all the best as he could still end up being the best in the peloton at what he does in some future season. Considering the position JV is currently in he would likely not get a chance to be a part of a plan A at the Tour anytime soon.

Good thing that they acknowledged they have a lot of work to do in the off season. As this isn't sorting itself out. Will take a lot of work to get it right.
Why would leaving Jumbo be a form of penance? He just wants to ride the Tour, with a team that can offer him full support. He's not going on pilgrimage or retreat to a cave in the Himalayas.
If Groenewegen would go straight back to winning with JV i feel that the general public could have some issues with that. Potentially winning green with BikeExchange in the future. That is another story.
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