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Teams & Riders Team Movistar-thread

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Mas should be fine for the TDF. He’s just bruised up. He’s in better form than he has ever been going into July. After the crash they told him to shut it down for the Dauphine and focus on July.

The more important question is: Can he stay on his bike for once this year at the TdF? He crashed out of Tirreno, crashed at the last stage of Itzulia losing a big chunk of time and crashed out of the Dauphiné again.
Interesting transfer rumours lately:
Gaviria is said to be signed for 2023. I think it’s a good signing. He should still be good enough to stack up good results in smaller classics and perhaps even a Giro stage is within range? Together with Kanter he should be a good point collector.

Guereirro is said to terminate the contract with EF and coming to Movistar instead for next season. He would be a brilliant signing. Strong enough to make a difference as a domestique for Mas, good enough to win big in breakaways and good enough to get good results in smaller races.

Carlos Rodriguez is said to be on his way to Movistar when his contract with Ineos runs out after 2023 season. It is key for a Spanish team to sign one of the greatest Spanish riders of his generation if they want to remain one of the bigger teams in the world.
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I guess we can congratulate Mostafa al-Rabie on his WT contract before long.

Ali al-Shaykhahmed and Hani al-Marhoon to Lizarte would be more plausible as a first step towards joining the likes of Bahrain and UAE with their token locals though.

I also note a lot more of the Saudis' traditional enemy, the Iranian teams going CT again, suggests we may have a few more races coming back into operation there, even if the good old days of Tabriz Petrochemical and Pishgaman Yazd riding around with blood like tar are lost to time.
Meanwhile, the team staff is celebrating...

Half of the World is buying Saudi oil, and they're all ok with that, but somehow Movistar is disgusting for sponsorship with them.. :rolleyes:

Not sure if I'm missing something, but reading the article it doesn't seem like a classical sponsorship at all. Just to be clear, I don't like them dealing with the Saudis in any capacity, but the information in the announcement is really vague. So I think it's way too early to make assessments on how this cooperation might affect their budget.