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Teams & Riders Team Visma - Lease a Bike

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The Contador and Armstrong situation was specific. Armstrong came out of retirement and Contador for sure didn't feel Armstrong is the highest in the hierarchy at Astana. Armstrong would have to earn that first and that usually can take a couple of years.

P.S. Anyway, there is a slim chance Froome will be able to cope, when it comes to GC, therefore i feel that Thomas and Bernal will mostly be racing for themselves. Not sure what the team will do, when in doubt.

pulled due to copyright ownership or something. That went fast.

I think you can watch the documentary on their website, although you have to register, which is kind of annoying:
No more Pioneer power meters for Jumbo Visma it seems. I think they switched to garmin now.
INEOS DS Lancaster rubbing salt in the wounds, and rightly so:

"Announcing the Tour team early seems to be a new tactic that teams are using and Jumbo-Visma's a good example of that," Brett Lancaster, sports director for Team Ineos at the Tour de la Provence said, "but if you get problems that's a tough one."

"Of course, a spanner in the works won't help," the Australian said of Jumbo-Visma's predicament. "But it's about managing that. We take it week by week, looking at the form riders. We take a serious approach to how we select our teams."
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In my opinion TJV did a good job, announcing first and early. You can get away with that if you have a strong team. It helps to strengthen the internal team hierarchy and the team can focus on other things. TJV tactical position wasn't compromised, as TJV can still select just about any tactics, and none of that was revealed yet. Injuries and health issues are something no team can predict up front. You have to deal with that if and when it happens. If that had to happen, it is a good thing TJV is dealing with this at the beginning of the season. They can still make the adjustments needed, to get all of them to Tour 2020 in a good shape.
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After Dumoulin and Kruijswik delaying their season start, now Laurens De Plus also got sick.

The whole coronavirus situation is really sad ATM. And as long as the state of pandemic is declared pro cyclist can i guess train indoor, at best. I am still optimistic about the Tour. Hopefully things will start to turn around around April or more likely around May.