Tejay Van Garderen.

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Do you think Tejay Van Garderen is overrated?

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Mar 22, 2011
Zam_Olyas said:
Vote away like you would on a wet Tshirt election :D
My option.... depends how we rate TJ.

For me, TJ is a good GC rider with good potential. He got relative high power output for TT and strong climbing ability.

He showed his potential since he was young and everything seem to develop naturally and in step-by-step way.

If he could reduce his weight a little bit and maintain his power output in coming future, then he could follow pure climber and win by TT.

Endurance, experience and recovery is normally peaked at age around 28~30.

So, I believe he is a potential GT winner.

Of course, he is still far from the Froome/Armstrong/Pantini performance.

Overrated - Armstrong level
Reason rate - Best American GC rider of new generation
Underrated - Not a potential GT Winner
Mar 22, 2011
lenric said:
There are probably 4 GC contenders: Quintana, Nibali, Froome and Contador. After them, you have outsiders.
If performance in last 365 days counts, Chris Horner is one of the GC contenders.

Talking about future, Let say, Froome improved 20% in term of power/weight during his age 26~29 to be a GC contender.

25 year old's TJ need only 2% of improvement to be a GC contender.