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The 2023 Amy Pieters Trofee (Prediction Game WE)

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Just a friendly reminder that your stage huntresses can't be picked as GC riders nor as jersey winners, so you may have to rethink your choices once more, @bminchow ;)
Remember that your jersey picks can be among your GC picks as well (something which hurt us all during the Giro alongside riders crashing out of the GC battle). Ugh. Too many rules i cant keep straight. Please sub in Kopecky where she is legal to start :) I'll just keep my last place.
I'm sorry for the sometimes confusing rules (they make perfect sense in my head though :p). I'll try to simplify them for next year's competition.

The ITT is tomorrow, and the rules are quite simple: Just pick the one rider you think will win/has the highest chance of getting a medal, because only a medal will bring you points.