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The 2023 Amy Pieters Trofee (Prediction Game WE)

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So the moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived: The updated rankings are here!

No one got maximum points in the Vuelta, but some got the podium right, and we even got all the stage winners and jersey winners between us!

For Burgos I decided to punish JV and bminchow for their late/early submissions by not awarding them points for stage wins (bminchow hadn't picked a stage huntress for Itzulia, but JV had picked Wiebes). Is this just because, I don't want to finish last? I'll never tell ;)

Vuelta Femenina
RhD: 9
Gwbert: 8.5
PK: 8.5
JV: 7
Bminchow: 6.5
DKO: 6.5
Samu: 6.5
Yaco: 6.5
BR: 6
LS: 5

Vuelta a Burgos
PK: 5
Yaco: 5
RhD: 4.5
DKO: 4
Gwbert: 4
JV: 4
LS: 4
Bminchow: 3.5
BR: 3
Samu: 3

Current standings after 13 races:
@Dk one 42.5
@Põhja Konn 39.5
@RedheadDane 38
@Gwbert 36.5
@Libertine Seguros 33.5
@yaco 33.5
@BR2 32
@Jumbo Visma Fan :) 26.5
@Samu Cuenca 19.5
@bminchow 15.5