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The Amazing Race to Most Top10 Without a Win - 2017 Edition

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Re: The Amazing Race to Most Top10 Without a Win - 2017 Edit

out since last update
Brent Bookwalter
Matteo Trentin
Juan José Lobato
Edward Theuns
August Jensen
Jasper Stuyven
Vicente García de Mateos

current standings

24 - A. Contador
20 - I. Izagirre
19 - T. Benoot
16 - D. Caruso, C. Vermeltfoort, B. Van Lerberghe
15 - N. Haas, S. Kruijswijk
14 - F. Gavazzi, E. Lietaer
13 - N. Bonifazio, J. Benta, R. Jans, E. Buchmann
12 - R. Ferrari, K. Sbaragli, R. Hardy, B. Planckaert
11 - S. Vanmarcke, R. Barbier, E. Prades, M. Kudus, R. Korosec, A. Marque, C. Laporte, D. Touze, R. Kreder
10 - A. Giacoppo, A. Blythe, R. Carapaz, T. Van der Sande, R. Torres, R. Selig, R. Minali, D. Mucelli, A. Vendrame, B. Swift, A. Pasqualon, M. Soler, M. Vantomme, M. Kreder, F. Senechal
9 - A. Kirsch, R. Stacchiotti, M. Belletti, H. Hofstetter, M. Woods, P. Ligthart, M. Bouet, L.L. Sánchez, L. Meintjes, B. Giraud, F. Großschartner, M. Benfatto
Just a quick "upgrade" (might not be the right word, I'm tired and can't English) of this.
Number of podium finishes (one-day races, stages, and overalls):

11 - A. Contador
5 - I. Izagirre, F. Gavazzi, S. Vanmarcke, A. Giacoppo, A. Blythe
4 - R. Barbier, R. Carapaz, T. Van der Sande, A. Pasqualon, A. Kirsch, R. Stacchiotti
3 - T. Benoot, D. Caruso, N. Bonifazio, E. Prades, M. Kudus, R. Torres, R. Minali, D. Mucelli, M. Soler, H. Hofstetter
2 - C. Vermelfoort, N. Haas, J. Benta, R. Jans, R. Ferrari, K. Sbaragli, R. Hardy, A. Marque, R. Selig. A. Vendrame, M. Belletti
1 - S. Kruijswijk, E. Buchmann. C. Laporte, D. Touze, B. Swift, M. Vantomme, M. Kreder, M. Woods, P. Ligthart, M. Bouet, L. Meintjes, B. Giraud, F. Großschartner

SURPRISE! Contador is also in the lead in this version...
Re: Re:

StephenC2020 said:
GuyIncognito said:
StephenC2020 said:
This changes the game! Who will win now?

Benoot. Izagirre won't get any more top 10s

Anyone else with a shot of catching him?

Really glad this wasn't Bertie's last win.

By my calculations, Kruijswijk will be up to 17 so if he races again (maybe the Italian semi-classics, but he doesn't have a big history of doing so), then possibly him, and Vermeltfoort is always a reasonable shout to accumulate top 10s in random Flemish and French 1.1s.

I don't know enough about van Lerberghe to comment on him, but he looks like yet another Topsport Vlaanderen prolific top-10-getter. They had Kenny Dehaes, then Boeckmans, then van Asbroeck, then Jelle Wallays, who was later joined by Theuns and then Naesen.