Teams & Riders The Amazing Race to Most Top10 Without a Win

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Final(ish) standings
24 - J. Almeida
23 - G. Martin
22 - W. Kelderman
18 - T. Pinot
17 - A. Krieger, A. Vendrame
16 - M. Landa
15 - A. Valverde, E. Viviani, R. Majka, A. Capiot, V. Nibali, C. Venturini
14 - P. Konrad, R. Bardet
13 - A. Hodeg, L. Mezgec, W. Barguil, M. Trentin
12 - A. Pasqualon, B. Mollema, E. Mas
11 - E. Grosu, R. Minali, B. McNulty, H. Mulubrhan, L. Pacioni, E. Morin, E Chaves
10 - R. Dennis, M. Hoelgaard, F. Masnada
9 - G. Van Avermaet, A. Aranburu, Je. Herrada, T. Dumoulin, R. Janse van Rensburg, D. de la Cruz, J. Drucker, S. Geschke, R. Fernández
8 - G. Thomas, A. Turgis, J. Quintero, T. Kangert, O. Naesen, J. Mosca, H. Vanhoucke, P. Allegaert
I'd say Theuns is as good a bet as any. Actually don't understand why riders gets taken off this list, when they win. Shouldn't they have their top10 count consolidated. Seems a bit off that a rider can "win" this competition with fx 22 top10's, when another rider earlier that season maybe took 30+ top10's before a win.
Think I'm going to back Danny Van Poppel. Wanty have to enter all the WT races this year, and he's the closest thing they've got to a conventional sprinter. Realistically, he isn't going to win at WT level, but could clock up a lot of placings. There is the risk that he'll have enough energy left to win a .1 Belgian one-dayer
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