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Aug 11, 2009
Cerberus said:
The 10 last of both of them meaning the last 5 of each:
The only winner from 2006-2010 of either of those races not from Quickstep or Saxo was Alessandro Ballan in the 2007 Ronde.

Okay, if the intention was only to look at the last five years of racing then the 90% number makes more sense but, I think, the argument might actually make less sense. Now, rather than including winners like Knaven and Bortolami in the list of 'super-team winners', the argument seems to be simply that Boonen, Cancellara, and Devolder have dominated the Classics. At that point, I think it's hard to separate "team dominance" from "rider dominance". Boonen and Cancellara were clearly among the absolute strongest riders for each of their wins; as for Devolder, I'm not inclined to lightly discount repeat winners.