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Looking very likely that they get someone on the podium at this point. But we'll know more after stage 9.
There are only three podium spots and with Carapaz, Yates, Landa, Bardet, Almeida, Kelderman, Buchmann, Hindley, Bilbao there are at least 3 times the number of contenders that could get a podium.

Even if we discount guys like Carthy, Ciccone, Valverde, Arensman, Sosa, Buitrago, Porte, Hamilton already. So likely is a bit too optimistic for me, especially since the preparation for all three Bora contenders has been rather thin, which could also cause them to run empty in the final week.

Still, they are looking very good for the moment, but they are definitely not the only impressive team with numbers to play with at this point in the race. The finish yesterday was very hard to gauge who looked well and who didn't from that front GC group. Blockhaus will provide us with much more information.
So at least one thing seems clear: Kämna has the mountain jersey on his minds. Collecting a couple of easy points. It will be decided in the last week, but based on that the points tomorrow or on sunday should be a goal for him if he wants to keep the jersey.

Not sure what to think about his hunt for the bonus second. If he wants to win on the weekend and collect points for the mountain jersey, he should ship some time. Maybe they think they can get rid of Lopez over the weekend and place Kämna into the pink jersey. As already said I wouldn't bet on it, but quite odd why he did go for the sprint and other people don't .
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Is there any news what happened to Kelderman? Of course he had the Bike Change but that didn't cost that much. Did they let him chase back on alone or did he make it back and the he got dropped because he head no legs. Would have been the safest bet for me ton finish in the Top 5. Of course two guys in the running isn't bad but in my eyes there are at least 4 riders stronger atm.

Kämna dipped but not much. i think he will try everything to get into the break next sunday. I think Trek won't mark him again. Clearly other GC riders are way stronger and while Lopez is still in the maglia rosa. Ineos and UAE are basically in the virtual lead. I think for Bora it's now a waiting game for the third week. Just stay up there with Buchmann and Hindley. Maybe Kämna can go for a second stage win. Overall they could mount a good mountain train if kelderman just had a bad day but is generally fine.

Another side effect: they could win the teams classification if they want to focus on it.I think Movistar isn't strong enough. So in my eyes it is between bahrain, Bora and breakaway-havy approach from Wanty.
Yes. Zwiehoff said that Kelderman had to chase hard on two unfortunate moments and after that he couldn't follow the other favorites anymore. He can still go for stages.
Bora looks good. Normaly Buchmann won't get slower im a Grand Tour. His big plus is his regeneration in grand tours. Hindley looks great, too. Kelderman and Kämna can still go for stages or help the remaining leaders.