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Teams & Riders The Cheetah of Numansdorp - Olav Kooij thread

Him and De Lie is probably the strongest pairing of 20-year-old sprinters the sport has ever seen in the same season.

He will need to move away from Jumbo at some point though. Will never get to do the sprints at the Tour with Van Aert there for starters, and with all the GC and classics riders in the team, it's hard to see Jumbo giving him the opportunities and support a top-level sprinter should consistently get. Given the amount of teams with good leadouts but no sprinter to capitalise right now (Bora, Intermarché, B&B with current signings), the market right now suits him better than it probably will when his contract runs out next year, but it is what it is.
The plan should be easy enough: Kuss and Koijj for the Giro, literally whole A squad to the Tour (Vinge, Rogla, Kuss, Wout) and at the very least Rogla in La Vuelta. Makes the most sense all around.

The interesting question is what domestiques Jumbo pick. Laporte might be the odd man out as much as I hate it.
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