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The Empire Strikes back

The Empire Strikes Back

Hilarious story for anyone who knows anything about Star Wars. It also involves Tesco. I can just see all the Star Wars jokes that are gonna come out now!!:D

But seriously i think the guy really should get out a bit more;)

Also did everyone else get the pun in the title of the thread:D Man, i am so funny.......
Jun 18, 2009
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He is obviously no Jedi. He should have pulled out his light sabre and wasted all of them and then he would have also got his lunch for free. Yoda is rolling in his grave right now......
Jul 31, 2009
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I think he's got a case. Almost all religions change, just because Luke and Yoda didn't wear a hood in public doesn't mean the religion can't later mandate hood wearing in public. Just because it's a new rule in the religion doesn't mean it's any less valid. If tomorrow the Catholic church officially mandated the wearing of beer helmets anytime you're shopping for groceries, and then you kick me out of your supermarket for wearing my beer helmet then you're in trouble mister!


Also I'd like to point out that cutting the store employees in half with your light saber just because they are not allowing you (however fairly or not) to shop at their store is not the Jedi way, that's the way of the dark side. Floating things out of the store with the force is probably frowned upon too, but that's just a guess. Everyone who knows anything about the Jedi way knows that the Jedi way is boycotting and litigation, like this fine Jedi is considering.
Jan 25, 2010
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