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The foundation of Team Radio Shack begin to fall into place?

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montagna lunga said:
AC doesn't care whether he has a team or not,
remember? He doesn't need one. The Shack wouldn't take him for free, and not because you all think LA has it out for him. If AC is so good he must be on dope.

Funny, isn't that what they used to say about LA, when he was almost that good?

Any half decent squad will be good enough.

Agree Alpe.
That kit is a real shocker. Far to busy. Too much of everything and utterly lacking in subtly. Rock Racing without the bones.
Publicus said:
I actually think LA and JB are doing AC a pretty big favor here. By stripping the cupboards completely bare, there's pretty much no basis for Astana to continue as a ProTour team next year. As such, Astana loses its license, AC gets out of his contract (for little or nothing) and goes to Caisse or Garmin. I wouldn't be surprised if he sent them flowers.

I don't think any of their top guys poses a serious threat to AC, AS and others.

Unless there's a provision in Contador's contract that states he has an out if the team no longer has Pro Tour status, wouldn't he still be obligated to stay unless actually bought out by another team at the terms stipulated by the Astana sponsors? They may lose their Pro Tour license but I would think they would still be given Pro Continental status. I'm personally hoping he can git while the gittin' is good, but it doesn't appear to be the rosey picture that your painting.
Modern day ycling jersey are, by definitition, horrible the whole lot of them (with a few exceptions). The 2nd and 3rd ones from the original set weren't particularly bad (although the "THE SHACK HAS WHAT IT TAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" one is just too cheesy for words). But that 2nd set is just grating, I can barely stand to look at it. Hope they go with something a little more neutral.
Clemson Cycling said:

This one looks pretty sharp

this falls into the category of fugly. :D
Jun 24, 2009
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Mellow Velo said:
RR: Popovych has signed for the Shack, too. Never in question, IMO.
Very faithful to the cause.
The way things are again, between the French and the UCI, I don't think having a PT licence, or not, matters much.

Were Shack not given a PT licence, I think the French would definitely still offer them a wildcard.........providing Mr McQuaid doesn't rattle their cage, too much.
Same for Contador, whoever he eventually ends up with.

As for demoralizing Contador. I think Vino has succeeded, where Lance has failed.
OK, although I had read that Popo wanted to go with LA, I was not sure if that had formally happened yet, or not. As far as the Wild Card invites go, even if they are not a Pro Team. I think I read somewhere that an invite had already been extended to RS for 2010, with or without Pro Tour Lic.
But, one thing that is beginning to look gloomy for LA and the Shack boys is. Based on the leaked info so far, a TTT doesn't seem to be in the cards for next years TdF. Now wouldn't that be a disappointment.
peloton said:
Not at all. :D
No point in expecting Contador to chase, Levi or Horner or Klodi, if they get sent on the attack, as it's guarranteed to be a dummy.
Sit on Lance's backwheel, a la Cadel and say: "OK senior, drop me in the mountains......if you can."
No way any train is going to blow up Bertie on the gradients.

No team required.