The French hope of the century or the Colombian Messiah?

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Who is the best talent?

  • Nairo Quintana

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42x16ss said:
Good summary. Either way, these two (IMO) are the most exciting young climbing prospects getting around but it is still too early both in the season and their careers to say one is definitely stronger than the other.

FWIW Quintana has the upper hand ATM as he's carrying Vuelta form and started his season earlier while Pinot slowed after the TdF. Having said that Quintana's 3rd week at the Vuelta, the Emilia win and his ride at Lombardia give him my vote. I also hope he sets the Giro alight.

However, don't be surprised if Pinot outrides him later in the season when his goals come along.

As much as id love to see quintana at the giro, if you do see a movistar jersey setting the race alight it will likely be benat inxausti or Eros cappechi.
42x16ss said:
Quintana isn't doing the Giro? Any ideas why?
Movistar said they wanted to copy sky in every way.

That includes the policy of making recruits from the empire domestique for the oficial leader at the tour, rather than ride for themselves elsewhere. Especially the ones with superior climbing skills to the leader.
I hate this thread considering I like both riders. Quintana's win today was amazing and unexpected. Pinot is still the only one to have performed consistenty in a GT. It remains to be seen who will be better later in their careers.
Now that the Forums are back- I got to get this off my chest:

What the fvck is wrong with Pinot being fvck!ng afraid of descents??
What the Fvck Pinot?? You was on my list of new favorite riders & then you pull this load of ssh!t so shamefully/remorselessly/without impunity????

You turning into the French Andy Schleck?????

What the Fvckkk!!!!!
The Hitch said:
Volta a Catalunya

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Gloin22 said:
Considering this is Pinot's first race since month, and Quintana riding Paris Nice as preparation for this, he should be in much better shape.

Is this really a surprise :rolleyes:
The Hitch said:
To update the score

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The Hitch said:
Next update.

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The Hitch said:
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Damn, the referee needs to end this right now. This has gone way past embarrassing.
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Aug 4, 2010
Vino attacks everyone said:
great, now if he can take that level with him to July from now on, so my italians can have the giro for themselves, that would be great :p
Check his thread,he might go for mighty Giro - Tour double as early as next year:p:D