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Congrats to Sheffield's very own Matt Fitzpatrick on winning his first major! :cool:

Rahm had a bad last round while McIlroy and Morikawa tried to come from behind and salvage their game, it just wasn't enough. Speaking of Rahm...

Love Rahm's interview regarding LIV Golf... he's not exactly knocking the players who had joined, but he did say it's probably something nice one could do when ready to retire and ride into the sunset. :tearsofjoy: (It is true some of the big name LIV golfers are of a certain age and look like they don't really need the money or exposure anymore, Mickelson surely doesn't.)
In the very near future this is probably the most anticipated golf major of all year (specifically since it's at St. Andrews), hopefully you all will juggle your TV viewing judiciously and appropriately. (No way am I watching round 1 while the riders at the Tour are trying to scale Alpe d'Huez!)

Welcome to the Open at St Andrews! (As Rory had said earlier today winning a generic Open is not necessary to complete your "palmares" as a pro golfer, but it sure is considered the Holy Grail when you play and win at the home of golf.)

Have no idea what the weather will be like later this week (when it actually counts), hopefully a little breeze here and there will make things a bit more challenging on this historic links course.

Stay tuned - if things get boring watching a Tour stage just switch the channel to the Open, with any luck you'll get even more bored!:tearsofjoy:
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For years I didn't carry a driver in my bag because high handicap and not enough time to practice..just sprayed it around too much!!
I am watching the pros and see almost a constant need for course redesign..these guys are crushing it off the tee..many making it on shorter par 4s..I am in constant amazement at the skill level..
also thought Senior Tour was going to be a bigger thing..
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Tiger didn't make the cut, but then neither did a whole bunch of other (much younger and healthier) players. Ah well...

Gotta love those bunkers at the Open though, once you dig yourself in you better be better than a pro to dig yourself back out! :tearsofjoy:
I barely follow golf, mostly through headline hunting and/or news blips, but the 'new league' split is kind of intriguing. Maybe the PGA needed a kick in the butt, I just don't know if LIV is the correct organization to do it. I've read a little bit of the back and forth trash talk which doesn't seem to fit with the etiquette of golf, but its kinda entertaining.
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While I was busy watching the World Champs marathon taking place here in Eugene as we speak they had just finished up at the Open, so I missed the finale - how did I mess up my timing so badly?

Anyhoo, congrats to Cameron Smith - not familiar with him, but he's sporting a mullet under that cap, so he's gotta be all right! :D
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Aug 5, 2022
On the offnote, does anyone have experience with decent budget rangefinders for golfing? Was considering Nikon Coolshot Pro II, but with close to 0 experience it's really hard to find something decent without dropping huge amounts of cash

UPD. Ended up getting Coolshot Pro II from local outdoor sports store : pretty easy to use onehanded and I've figured out what all the buttons do after 20 minutes. So far looking pretty good, going to test battery life on thursday!
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