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Teams & Riders The Great Big Cycling Transfers, Extensions, and Rumours Thread

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Pozzo is really an underachiever.

He missed results because of inconsistencies, bad luck, crashes, staying out of WT too long. He also probably had his best chance of a giro podium in 2015 when he crashed so early and so badly.

He is at a very good level for a 39 yo and in 2021 he could have been podium in races like Vuelta Burgos and top 10 the Giro with his level.

I hope he can have at least 1 more season, because he deserves it. Wanty should definitely give him a chance. Super nice guy and more versatile and attacking than people give him credit for.
There are reports that another team approached Pidcock as Ineos haven't offered a contract extension to him just yet. Hard to imagine him not staying at Ineos since he's not only British and therefore important for the sponsors, but Ineos also being the wealthiest team of the lot.

I agree, why would he leave? Surely they will offer him at least as good a package in both sporting and financial aspects as anyone else can. Short of some plutocrat or princeling deciding to throw completely insane money at him, which is very unlikely but I suppose just about possible now that quite a number of teams are more vanity projects than vehicles for traditional commercial sponsorship.
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Considering the year has barely started, that's normal.

Not many news to report, so let's make some stuff up...
It is normal, but Ineos are ore not usually slow in offering multi year contracts to their best prospects.
Maybe Pidcock only accepted a two year one.
There is noise in the cross scene around world tour teams increasing their presence including Quick Step launching a team.
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I'd be surprised if Pidcock moves before the next Olympics as Ineos are very flexible in allowing their star riders to pursue other disciplines, effectively 3 months out of his season for MTB this year. I imagine that after 2024, the idea is he'll concentrate on the road, with very light MTB and CX schedules?
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