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Teams & Riders The Great Big Cycling Transfers, Extensions, and Rumours Thread

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Some riders are good teammates on and off the bike, which means their own results don't necessarily matter much. Not complaining to the media is probably also a key factor for anyone who wants to stay with the team.
I know, but Naberman doesn't resemble to a Tim De Clercq / Imanol Erviti / Jasha Sutterlin or those kind of riders.

He rather looks like Juraj Sagan, the least talented Kulset, the latter years of Benji Noval and so on.
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I think you could make a case for any of them not named Johannes. But at least Sindre and Magnus are decently talented in growing their hair.
So I guess the answer is Kristian.
Magnus isnt that bad. He was 6th at Fauniera in the Babygiro and have been a visibly decent team mate in Tour of the Alps two years in a row. This spring he was also useful in Muskat Classic and Oman. He couldve actually deserved a spot in Uno-X even with a different last name.
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Not sure how solid they are on the GC front, but it's really hard to find a GT contender. they don't grow on trees...I wonder if they could/can make a play for Roglic? (unlikely but that's who they need)
Geoghegan Hart looked very strong this spring. Seemed to have made a major step up, even compared to when he won the Giro. I think he has the potential (in fact I can't for the life of me understand why Ineos let him go).
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