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The Great Grand-Tour-Game 2011

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Jun 1, 2010
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Congratulations Mortand! Great picks in this Vuelta, nicely done! Also congratulations to other podium finishers Hartog and Lancaster, and a big thank you for organising this to Foxy :)

That 0,5 rule sounds pretty good, but I'd change it to 0,25 point if the predicted riders gets third and 0,5 if he gets second. Some distinction between second and third seems logical to me.

On a similar note, perhaps a rule like that in the final GC as well? For a rider predicted on the exact right spot 2 points, when one spot off 1,8 points, two spots off 1,6 points, ... and five or more spots off just 1 point.
Also, perhaps double points for the podium spots in GC? Those are the placings that matter most of course.

All these things would make the game a bit more complicated, and especially a lot more work to calculate the standings, but would make it more fair I think, since wether you picked the correct rider on 16th and 17th spots is pretty much down to sheer luck. Although perhaps the charm of the game is that it's so simple, I don't know if these changes will improve the points.
May 14, 2009
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Well done, Mortand! And thanks to Foxxy for organising this thing.

No matter what scoring system there will be next year, I'll try to be there. Hopefully without coming off the reserve list.

(One more possibility would be predicting the KoM / Points.)
Thanks guys!

What a year. I would like to thank Tony Martin for not letting me down in the TT's, Pablo Lastras, Angel Vicioso and the other riders who won stages just to satisfy me (at least that's what I'll lead myself to believe). A special thank you goes out to whoever it was who didn't have the time to make a prediction for the Tour - that cleared the path for my continued participation in the game.

And of course a big thank you to Foxxy for starting this thing. See y'all in the Great Grand-Tour-Game 2012!
Feb 15, 2011
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I've been on holiday, didn't have the time to thank you yet Foxxy. Simply awesome game. Looking forward to next years edition.

Congrats Mortand!