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Teams & Riders The Jonas Vingegaard is not Chris Harper thread

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I kind of like him, it will be interesting if he can back up what he did in the Tour last year to races this year. It reminds me a little of what TGH did in the Giro, hopefully it isn't a one off and can continue his progression to leadership.
He had already really good results in the spring last year before the tour, so I don´t think that he will become a 3-week wonder.

Is his schedule (apart from the tour de France) for this year already announced? Roglic, Dumoulin and van Aert already did it a few days ago, so it´s a bit strange that his schedule is still not announced.
Ever since I saw him 2020 Angliru stage I have expected him to be good so I somehow wasn't surprised at the tour. I find him fascinating. I mean he seriously basically used UAE as his domestiques in the tour when his teammates were all out playing on their own. Like that's just another level of skill.

The background to them being afraid to put pressure on him was I believe the tour of Pologne 2019 when he suddenly was unexpectedly in yellow and completely freaked out because he just had no clue about how to handle it and hence lost the jersey. Grisha said during TdF last year that they almost have to hold him back because he wants too much lol.

He really is the Jumbo baby and is treated like such in the team. It was really interesting to see how they discussed him in the team cars in the Plan B documentary and how he surprised everyone. There's also a really fun clip of him in the 2020 vuelta documentary talking back to the cars. I'm gonna link that one as well later. But here's the tdp win interview.
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Here around 20:45
"Jonas we have so much work with you all the day".....
Jonas eventually answering "you also need something to do" :tearsofjoy:

I find Jonas answer hilarious and also in other places in the documentary you can see they have to hold him back a bit because he really wanna go lol. :D

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Fair enough (and not very impressive of me to have forgotten that completely, I guess I wasn't particularly incested in his GC bid at the time) but do people think that was the main reason that he lost all that time on the day?
It's hard to say how much he lost because of it or whether it affected him the next day(s) as well. It definitely wasn't the reason why he didn't win the race, nor was the fact that he had to wait for Roglic on stage 3. But it could possibly have created more suspense if he had been closer to Pogacar before the Ventoux stage. Perhaps JV had asked Van Aert to drop back then.
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