The Most Memorable Second Place Finishers

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Suprised no one has mentioned this, but Cunego at Tour de Suisse 2011. Leipheimer getting away with the win is one of the greatest travesties of this century in the sport.

Jose Rujano at the 2005 Giro maybe?

Steve Bauer in 1988 WCRR had he not been DQed lol
Cunego's second place stilll haunts me in that Tour de Suisse. He deserved better.

Will throw in Dillier's second place in Roubaix. '
Chavanel and Cancellera's second and thrid place in 2011 Flanders is another one that really sticks in my mind.
And of course Shleck and Roglic losing the tour.
Oct 26, 2020
Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle holding off a charging Delgado for 2nd at the Luz Ardiden stage of the 1988 Tour de France. For many years I'd completely forgotten that it was Cubino who actually won that stage.
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Surely that one has to be Hirschi in the Laruns stage of the 2020 Tour?
I would argue the most memorable 3rd place would be Raymond Poulidor on stage 20 in 1964 at Puy-de-Dôme. Most people forget Julio Jiménez and Federico Bahamontes were up the road fighting over the GPM, and Anquetil deliberately did not respond to their attacks to mean time bonuses were less of a factor.
While most of the 2nd places mentioned so far were indeed memorable, I feel like some of them, like Roglic or Fignon, only are because these riders were at the short end of a battle with an even more memorable winner.

I think the best picks for this thread are the ones where you don't even know who won anymore, because the 2nd place was iconic all on its own.
Fignon's 2nd place outshined his own victories at the Tour, even his dominant 1984 win against Hinault. That's the beauty of it.
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Which was the season when we had Peter 2agan racing? Was it 2015?

I seem to remember a season where we was "mocked" by his run of second places but now that I look into it it doesn't seem so bad as he counted 9 wins (even more when comparing with recent seasons). But with 19 2nd places it must have been that year.

Also, five second places on Tour stages that year and no victories was getting a little bit frustrating...
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Diego Rosa in Il Lombardia 2016.
Great shout. That was his moment in the spotlight and had he not been used as Aru's helper for most of the race he would likely be a monument winner today.

Another one I came up with (although memorable might be the wrong word) is Simon Gerrans in the 2014 WC RR. Someone bitching about his group not catching the leader has never been sweeter.