The much needed UCI loller thread

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I think RHD is referring to how the Tour of Poland organisers heralded an arrangement with Boplan to use the big yellow barriers and other safety equipment in the races following the more than justified backlash after the finish in Katowice in 2020. However this year they used them close to the finish but still had finishes that were still not safe at all and not to uci guidelines.

Going by the location of most of the crashes in the race this year, the organisers should have placed the Boplan stuff in the first 300m or so of the final kilometre and then used the old rubbish stuff in the last coupe of 100m. It's possibly a slightly dark way of looking at it but the final sprints were actually pretty safe as everyone was spread out enough due to previous incidents and accidents.
Ok, i must have missed that.
Just seemed like a case of "Look at how 'terrible' those barriers are! Nothing happened."

Guess it just shows that sometimes autistic people can't detect sarcasm, sometimes we detect it when it's not even there...
I simply noticed the barriers during the transmission from London during the burial and thought of the barrier debate among cycling fans (in a quite different context). ;)
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