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Bernal was stuck during lockdowns and wasn't able to train normally and then tried to rush his training to get ready, if i remember correctly.
Correct. Furthermore, his back hasn't been normal in God knows how many years due to leg length discrepancy. It was diagnosed in October 2020, but one can only guess for how long scoliosis and a disc herniation was a factor, even when he was winning.
Egan declared he's happy to "participate" in la Volta, but confessed the form isn't quite high yet to dispute the GC, so no high expectations at all, just happy to be back in the peloton & see himself among the best

which led us to believe the 10 secs lost today was more about lack of form than racing sharpness & positioning..?
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I am worried long term. But today is very good news. Remember that this is truly his first WT race after all his problems and his knee injury. On top of that he interrupted his training due to the knee injury. He only came back to training like 10 days ago. If we believe all that, today's results are actually very good. IMHO.
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I don't really get the long term worry. He proved in San Juan that he could get to a high level and then he got sidelined by a different injury.
The worry is more about figuring out if he is every going to get back to his best, and I don't think San Juan proved that he can. I wouldn't even call that such a high level when Ganna finishes before you.

Imo, we just don't know yet, I do have high hopes that he is able to get back to his former self though.
According to Eurosport he had to retire due to abrasion on the skin, especially on the hands. Contador went ballistic on Eurosport criticizing the riders that do that. They don't understand why they do it since now technology allows them to pick any type of gloves. He went further to say, imagine that one of the main riders had to retire from a GT because they are not using the gloves. That is unforgivable.

Can anybody here tell me why riders don't use gloves other than for esthetics, which is what Contador and Flecha were alluding as the main reason for not wearing them?

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When you ride for many hours, you sweat. Some riders have more sudation in their hands too. Gloves provide more grip but are ambiguous as they loosen sensitivity.
Also, gloves also are cushioned, so your hands don't become so sour.

Contador is wrong. It's not only about aesthetics.
I don't understand what you mean by that?
I have used gloves all my life and in the past there were gloves that were a bit uncomfortable and there were not many choices to pick from, but now there are so many choices. I have no problems now.
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