The real Tennis thread.

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I don't know why he is putting himself through this. He should rest up and try and have one more go at the French open then retire. He's going to have awful health problems when he is older.
It's a muscular injury, he'll recover. He'll be back by clay season, but probably will drop out of the top 10 at long last.

I think many fans worry too much about frequent muscular injury and not enough about joint/cartilage injuries.
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Current crop of ‘up and comers’ is so pathetic. Nadal is done because of injuries, but he and Djokovic would be winning into their 40’s if healthy.
I'm starting to think that age related decline, when an old player has a healthy patch, isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be. Players fall off much more due to accumulation of injury. Yes they get somewhat slower, but they adapt and especially the Nadal and Djokovic who are simply 2 of the 3 most talented players to ever touch a racket, just have the spare capacity retool their game to compensate for incrementally declining movement.

I think the argument that Tsitsipas should win just cause he's 24 and Djokovic is 35 is really weak. The match is just the natural consequence of Big 3 player vs non Big 3 player in a Slam final.

I think if you take like the 2012 ranking, when the Big 4 was at their peak, the field outside the Big 4 wasn't that much better than it is today