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Jan 18, 2010
RedheadDane said:
I'm a little curious about this sig from Armchair Cyclist:
There's someone coming through the mist . . . it can't be . . . it is! .. Oh, sorry, my mistake. It isn't"
Its an improvised version of a famed Phil Ligget piece of commentary featuring Stephen Roche surviving a a Tour stage circa 1987 and so hanging onto his GC lead.
I think.
Its from a line in a song I like called Byrds turn to Stones

Remember the day when me Ma ate Swifty's cakes
She freaked us out and laughed her head off all night long

Despite the facts that the lyrics are an obvious allusion to the cakes being laced with drugs and there being a reserve sprinter on the Sky team named Swift I am not suggesting the rider is a doper.
Mar 13, 2009
hrotha said:
Mine is the short form of my Old English name. It could be Gothic, too, but I mostly think of it as Old English.
I always thought yours was the Spanish letter "j", in phonetics /x/
Screaming Fist is the name of a operation mentioned in William Gibson's Neuromancer. I've always like how it sounds so sillily over the top. I like the Neuromancer trilogy very much.
My current Avatar is from "Don't Look Now" while the signature is from a Carcass song.
As usual I'm quite late to the party. Just discovered this thread on my day off from work.

My choice was made many years ago after watching a Vuelta stage that took place amongst rain and fog. I was about to begin posting on the forum and that stage (what limited coverage that was available due to the conditions) came to mind. Some of my favorite posters on that forum at the time were Alpe d'Huez (yes the same one that is a moderator here), Gavia (now an administrator at Podium Cafe) and a very wise Koppenberg (no longer posts there). Being a fan of Spanish climbers I chose Angliru. My avatar has changed multiple times of course and I've recently gone from one that I found quite entertaining of Samuel Sanchez at one of the Tour route ceremonies looking introspective with his hand on his chin to my current of Juan Antonio Flecha, which just may be my favorite of them all.

My signature is a tribute to the current best climber in the world, and an example of the fear he puts into his rivals when he attacks.


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