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Good to read that it's possible to discuss on a normal way on this forum about Evenepoel, the team Deceuninck-Quickstep, Patrick Lefevere etc. Pro's and contra's. But with the exception of a few frustrated, a grown-up discussion . What a difference with the Dutch forum, which seems to be a hate forum against Patrick Lefevere (and Evenepoel, and DCQ and.....). Every word, every action, every discussion from Lefevere, leads to dozens of hate reactions, based on no rational basis at all. Without reaction or response from the forum administrators.
Of course, it's possible to like or dislike (or something between) the personality of Lefevere. But nobody can deny that he leads the team in a great way. And unites its riders into a strong block. And achieves great results, with a much lower budget than the other top teams. And many riders want to be part of the squad, even if they can earn more elsewhere. A pity that Almeida thinks he can do better elsewhere. But he will certainly earn more with his next team. Whether he will also perform better ?
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Sep 12, 2017
On the contrary I think that we will soon be able to compare them as cyclists, even if they are different, but how can we compare their charisma? Usually charisma is about whether you are drawn in by a person when they enter the room, when you are having a conversation with them, the way they walk, talk, where their attention is, their glances, their hands, how are their gestures, their voice, do they know how to tell stories, listen, be funny, empathic, present, enthusiastic...
How can we properly decide about that if we have never met these people in real life? I think we can get a first glance into their personality, but the effect in front of a camera and really in a room with them without a camera might be very different.

I don't think it's necessary to meet the charisma in real life, although it's certainly best to feel all aspects of charisma when you're in the room with that person. But alot of charisma could be perceived merely in a photograph or in a voice recording. With cyclists their most important form of charisma is in their athleticism-aesthetics, the way they ride their bike and their confidence. Mathieu has a feline quality, every movement on his bike feels right, everything about him breathes cycling and breathes winning, the living athlete-archetype.

In the context of Mathieu other riders almost look a little awkward and out of place on their bike.

I love Remco and I'm trilled to watch his legendary story develop but he doesn't emit that same charisma, he actually looks like some random callcenter guy or a farmer boy with no particular talent, which makes it probably even more incredible since he's potentially one of the greatest athletes we will ever witness.
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I don't agree. To me Remco is a case of someone of smaller stature appearing too be larger than he actually is due to personality. Because I think he gives of the vibe of being assertive enough and enough of a leader that he can still 'fill up the room'.

In these discussions it is just important to keep in mind that many of it is subjective.
I hoped for more, but it was a good performance nonetheless.
Onto the first road stage!

Really? I thought it was pretty incredible considering his absence & severity of the crash.

Elsewhere (I won't mention any names...) there's a literal multiple GT winner wailing on youtube about people not believing in his return to form... 2 years after a crash whilst he's riding in the gruppetto.

Remco's performance was pretty badass IMO, i.e. as a non-fan with no real emotional investment in the guy. 1 second behind Cavagna & top 10 is really good.
Key takeaways from his interview:
  • really happy with his performance, couldn't have dreamed of such a performance
  • he knew he lost some of his TT capabilities due to weight loss, but that's for the greater good
  • usually not very good at very short TT's, the TT at the end should suit him better
  • only lightweights in the top 10 are him and Almeida, so that's promising
He does seem to have enough form to gauge how well he can clim over three weeks. If he had been clearly out-of-shape it would have been more difficult to make such conclusions. Then again, can't stress enough how careful we should be with any negative conclusions due to the long recovery period he had.

Very good prologue. Promising for the rest of the Giro.
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Think back to the day after his horrible crash last year. I bet all his fans would have been thrilled at that time to know that he would be racing in the 2021 Giro and, on his first day of racing in almost a year, place seventh and just 19 seconds short of a top-form and extremely motivated Ganna in the opening TT. Remco had almost the same time as Cavagna.
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I'm a little disappointed that he didn't at least top 5 today as I had expected him to, but in the end he was only 1 or 2 seconds off that, so it's all good. I'm just thrilled to have him back racing. I haven't been awaiting a comeback as eagerly as this since Contador's return in 2012.
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He wasn't superhuman after all, good, now people might be able to temper their expectations a bit.
I think a 10-20 place should be possible and really hope he can manage all 3 weeks and maybe, just maybe win a stage.
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