The Rohan Dennis threat

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Dennis did raise the concern after the lost Aussie nats. And the Rudy helmet is probably garbage compared to Giro. The Giro is super popular on the track and I expect track riders to be ahead of the curve on equipment choices. Besides, helmets are very personal.
Jul 29, 2016
He has most probably mental health problem ... .

We do know he has genuine problems with explosive, angry responses to relatively innocuous challenges. He’s a hothead. Former teammates, managers, team staff – it seems everyone has a Rohan story. Each rider or team staff member I contacted in the last few hours said some version of the same: Yes, it’s a problem. This isn’t the first time. It’s a pattern.

“He needs help,” two former teammates told me, asking that I not use any specific stories they’d told. It’s a phrase that turns this story from one of bemused confusion — why would an elite athlete do that? — to one that feels quite sad.
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I said it in the beginning of the year, during the Tirreno: Dennis decline isn't due to some transition to becoming a GC threat, it's the Merida bikes. They're godawful on itself, let alone when compared to the BMC wondermachine. So in that sense, I completely understand him. To make such a point of it, in the middle of a stage, after 7 months however is a bit strange.
Then why, as a TT specialist, sign for a team with "MERIDA" right there in their name? Even if the Sheik himself personally drove a Ferrari full of cash up to his house, he still had to know what equipment he was getting himself into. He probably would've had to take a paycut, but if he'd signed for, say, DD for this year, he'd still be on a BMC bike, he'd be wearing Assos kit, and his sponsors would be in charge of the time keeping at all the major races.
One would assume, that Dennis has been given promises on development of equipment, when he signed...... and that those promises has not been kept.
A cycle manufacturer doesn't sign the worlds best TT rider, without that being an important part of the deal.
he is not the world best TT rider
The title of best TTer has been in almost yearly rotation since the heyday of the Martin/Cancellara era heyday some 10 years ago. FWIW, it seems rare for a rider to hold that honor over consecutive years:

2012 - Wiggins
2013 - Martin
2014 - Wiggins
2015 - (no clear strongest, strange WC results that year)
2016 - Dumoulin
2017 - Dumoulin
2018 - Dennis
2019 - Roglic (but maybe have to wait for the WC…)
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What is he doing?

That just makes him look even worse. This mail contains a perfectly fine request by the team, even giving him a good option to only target the ITT and doing a TdF recon afterwards. And his SO gets involved too...
I think he is replying to an article that said he left Pais Vasco after two stages because it was equal to the two days he was meant to do in the Ardennes. The email shows the team gave him that option.

It was reported that Dennis and management at Bahrain-Merida had been having disagreements over his equipment and skinsuit, however, neither Dennis nor the team have confirmed that such disagreements were the direct cause of his abandon.
...but then...
Dennis confirmed that he will race on an unmarked time trial bike during the World Championships, along with components from the Australian national team.
"It is what they [national team] deem the best thing for my body shape and my position for me to try to win," Dennis said.
So he hasn't confirmed that equipment was behind him quitting the Tour.

But first chance he gets, he's riding unbadged equipment.

As said before, if it's really this big a deal, he ought to have thought twice before taking a big-money move to the team with "MERIDA" plastered across the lower half of the shirt.
Dec 21, 2015
Reading between the lines, and given the amount he mentions his sports psychologist in the article, it sounds to me that he was struggling with his mental health during the Tour, which is ultimately what led to him leaving the race.
Equipment was perhaps one of the (probably many) pressures that caused a deterioration in his mental health - ie the stress of trying to perform with sub-par equipment. And so he's taken the decision to remove that stressor by using unbadged equipment at the Worlds...

I could be totally off the mark, of course...
So if RD wins the TT WC using whatever he plans on using, then what moving forward? If its just a skin suit and wheels or maybe bars too, that should be able to be worked out easily enough, but if its a different frame (as it sounds like), I can't see how that can be worked out.

When not every bike company had a TT bike everyone rode stickered up Litespeed, Cervelo, custom, but now everyone has TT rigs (at the top level). Is he just covering the stickers on his old BMC?

RD should have fresh legs, but will they be good legs? Maybe Davesta is correct that he just needed to get his head reset.
So has he left Bahrain Merida? He is still listed on their website as a member of that team, and under contract, apparently, for next year.

But it is reported that

But this would surely be a breach of contract.
It's been done before. I remember Michael Rogers riding the 2008 Olympics on an unmarked Cervelo P3, then there was the UK team using their unmarked BC bikes in 2012. That's just off the top of my head.

As long as they aren't displaying other sponsor logos openly it's all ok.
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He is most likely obliged under the contract with the team to use Merida equipment also when riding in national team colours. But this does not mean that team will not turn a blind eye in this particular case. Merida (bike brand) has been entirely silent so far since his Tour abandon.
He is most likely obliged under the contract with the team to use Merida equipment also when riding in national team colours. But this does not mean that team will not turn a blind eye in this particular case. Merida (bike brand) has been entirely silent so far since his Tour abandon.
There is hardly anything Merida can say to make this situation any better other than pretending this never happened.

Edit: Well they could blame it on the helm/wheels but no legitimate company would ever do that.