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Aug 12, 2009
quarterpounder said:
Bruyneel's program still hasn't lost a TDF. It was only the 2006 TDF that they didn't win and that's because they were not on the full program, otherwise Hincapie would have won that year. They should have lost to Rasmussen in 2007, but that was taken care of.

I know the reply is two months late but here goes.

I was wrong about the ToC. Levi was crap. Lance was far worse. But, after the opening 3 days it was obvious Levi wasn't going to win. Levi didn't have any fire.

What's changed since then? Not much, except Lance blew 12 minutes in the Tour this past stage. I don't see the Hog's program working this year. Bottle is not going to win the Tour. Mark another failure for the program down. Oh and Floyd dropped by as well. Now everyone who listened has heard there was a program. A program that wasn't good enough to put a rider near Landis in 2006. 2010 looks set for more upsets for the Shack Attack.

Rasmussen was magical in 2007. That man was simply amazing. I don't think I've ever seen better overall climbing by any rider.
Apr 16, 2009
Yeah I was wrong, probably because I put money on Armstrong and Hesjedal, otherwise they surely would have come through. At least my prediction that Andy Schleck would beat Contador looks ok so far.