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The sweet smell of a UCI cover up in the morning

By passing the buck to the national federations (who have close personal links to the people they are supposed to be investigating), it looks like the UCI is trying to send the Landis investigation the way of the OP investigation. Pass the buck to the national feds who will then look after their mates by either having a very slow investigation which will end with no prosecutions, much like the Spanish have done with Piti Valverde, or simply find that the local lads have 'no case to answer' as the South American feds did with the likes of Botero.

The UCI has basically said - go ahead and clear these boys. Then we can claim to have had a full 'investigation' and found them all innocent.

Corruption 101
Mar 13, 2009
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its not gonna work this time. Cant throw them to the wolves with the Feds.

They gotta give up StrongArm, if they want to have a solvent body at the end of this. All will turn to save their skin.
They might have to give up the Uniballer, but it looks like a concerted effort to save Hog, US Cycling, Dwarf, Hincrapie etc. The UCI is effectively asking US cycling to investigate itself

Outside of the US where the Feds aren't involved this is the first step to cover it up.