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The Valentin Madouas Appreciation Society

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No posts today, eh?

After a very impressive ride and only the second French podium in the Ronde in the last 25 years or so,

RhD posted in the Thread Planning thread that she considered opening a thread about him even though she was evidently aware of the existence of this thread as shown by her having posted in it. Inexplicable behaviour.

But yes, that was a magnificent performance. I had lost a little hope for him after two somewhat mediocre years but he has certainly revived the hype with his performances the last week and especially today.
He doesn't skip pulls, didn't complain when Jumbo-mess wanted him to rotate in front of them, kept closing attacks. I was hoping JV would get back to Pidcock because I thought Madouas looked the strongest IMO. He indeed had enough in the tank after all that to get 2nd up the final climb. Strong, classy rider. Agreed, I think he's gonna snag a big one soon, especially since people will likely want to work with him since he seemingly always works.