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cyclelicious said:
It's a bangin race that's been ongoing for 17years
4 days 11/11 thru 11/14
I believe they were initially planning to add of 5the day this year but that has been put off until 2010.

Looks like they added the fourth day in 2007. A few years ago I looked into doing this but it never happened. :(
Mar 19, 2009
I thought this year's race was great! There was plenty of variety and a change of leader's jersey. The Sasso Tetto/Camerino stage was magnificient - I don't know how they sped up that climb, one that I know very well. It is very difficult, changing grade several times and being steep and relentless as well. I was also amused to see Basso putting on his cape well before the summit - you could see the riders' breath, it was that cold!

Congrats to Scarponi - an impressive victory in a tough early-season opener.
Mar 19, 2009
ingsve said:
Well, my stance on former dopers is that I don't really want them in the peloton. You don't even have to go so long as to enforce lifetime bans. That's not necessary. All that needs to happen is that the teams should just refuse to rehire these riders.

That's the real hypocracy in cycling. Teams are very quick to fire anyone that gets caught cheating but as soon as someone has served their time there are teams lining up to rehire them. That makes no sense. If you're so willing to forgive and forget as soon as someone has served their time then why fire them in the first place?

If more team managers would have the guts to not forgive riders that drag the sport through the mud then things would move quickly to the better.
At least the power numbers Basso was putting out in Tirreno, were not out of this world. 42 min time trial at under 400 W and climbing at ~350 W. Of course these numbers could be wrong, but I don't know why he would be digging himself into a hole by publishing too low power numbers.

There's lots of hypocrisy surrounding cycling, some from teams and management and whole lot from fans.
Mar 10, 2009
papparrazzi said:
there could be a nervous stalemate in the finale that slows it enough for him to hang in there ... Or, other contenders will blast it on the cipressa and poggio purely to eliminate him.