Tour de France 2013 Wild Cards

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Tour de France 2013 Wild Cards

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RHRH19861986 said:
As I wrote in LBL thread last Sunday, Cofidis-Europcar-Sojasun was the most likely decision.

Europcar is clear, they are a strong team, and the sponsor will have secured Tour invitation.

Cofidis will have had to rely on the sponsor to make clear they are in. Sporting wise, after this spring, no chance. Could be a signal, though:
Possibility 1: As long as Cofidis sponsors a team, and the team is no lower than PCT, and as long as TdF exists ;), no matter how they ride, they are guaranteed a spot.
Possibility 2: ASO give them a chance, and express their will to not invite them again in 2014 if they have a spring like that second year in a row.

Sojasun are equal, roster wise and success wise, to IAM, who are in their first year; I´d have preferred IAM, to be honest.

Bretagne without any chance, NetApp the same.
Probably why IAM did not get one. Their first year and the results have been missing but Cofidis have not done much either. I think it's ok that the organisers have discretion. Vuelta and Giro also favour their own.



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