Tour de France 2019 stage 18: Embrun > Valloire 208 km

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Red Rick said:
High level Meintjes really.

Very consistent but he's just not good enough to do more so I never understand any hype we have about him
The most decisive move from him so far was to tell Bennett to slow down but maybe he is riding on his limit. He never regained his 2016 Giro form, that was a magic time for him until it went wrong and Nibali probably knows he was lucky.
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rick james said:
Valv.Piti said:
Stupid attack from Thomas. God damn.
i cant believe he done that...what a stupid half arsed move
There was no harm to it. It popped Mas, it distanced Alaphilippe for a bit, and disrupted the group chasing Bernal for a little bit. It was the exact thing Landa did behind Carapaz (and vice versa too, iirc?) at the Giro.

If he had managed to bridge to Bernal before being caught, (yes, unlikely, but worth the ambition) it would have been hailed as genius.