Tour de France 2019 stage 4: Reims > Nancy 213,5 km

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Kwibus said:
Logic-is-your-friend said:
Before the TDF Groenewegen was the fastest man on a bike. Now apparently there is no competition for Viviani.

This isnt logic my friend. Viviani got a great leadout, while Groenewegen messed up.
There is plenty of competition for Viviani, but his team bossed it.

Besides Viviani is ofcourse world class.
Thanks for repeating the point i was making ;)
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Zinoviev Letter said:
the three best of the previous generation effectively falling off the face of the earth simultaneously
1. Greipel in the race but not a favorite (not really off the face of the earth)
2. Cavendish with incurable herpesvirus EBV
3. Kittel with incurable sulking
... [or who am I missing]
4. Gaviria injured in Olympics training for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
5 ...
and an injury or two leaves us with a field of four and a half. That said four and a half top sprinters isn’t notably bad. It wasn’t long ago that there were only three top sprinters in the peloton. And not long before that the second best guy in the world was Tyler Farrar.
Brutal but true.
"Farrar has a reputation for causing or, at least, being implicated in crashes. Alessandro Petacchi noted that Farrar had crashed 18 times in the 2013-2014 seasons, stating "There is probably a reason for this". Meanwhile, Farrar denies using reckless or uncoordinated tactics, and ascribed most of his numerous crashes to "realities of modern cycling".



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