Tour de France 2019 stage 4: Reims > Nancy 213,5 km

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Jul 1, 2017

spalco said:
Unbelievable leadout for viviani.

If he didn't win this he should've just retired on the Spot.
That leadout was amazing. Delivered on the front porch just had to step through the door!

Eyeballs Out said:
That was quite funny. Matt White being interviewed on ITV. They asked him whether Trentin would be going for the intermediate sprint coming up. He said no way would Trentin would be going for the green jersey, they need him to conserve energy, and then minutes later Trentin sprinted :) . I got the impression this issue might have come up before within the team. He also said that Trentin would only be allowed to sprint at the end of the stage if they've got multiple riders with Yates. So I think we can conclude that Trentin will be sprinting regardless
Absolutely correct - MS doesn't want Trentin to go for the green jersey which is probably a forlorn hope - They are happy for Trentin to go for sprint finishes providing Yates is OK, hence why Impey lead the peleton for part of the last 5 kms.
Best rider won the stage as everyone had their chance - No bad luck stories from the finish - Viviani was smart because he delayed his sprint by 20 or 30 metres, so that Ewan had less time to get in his slipstream.



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