Tour de France 2020 | Stage 1 (Nice - Nice, 156 km)

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Translated from French:

Thibaut Pinot: Multiple dermabrasions on the right side of the body, trauma to the knee and trauma to the right shoulder.

David Gaudu: Trauma to the sacrum.

William Bonnet: Trauma to the left shoulder and trauma to the left thigh.

Rudy Molard: Trauma to the knee, accompanied by multiple dermabrasions. He also suffered from a direct shock to the inner side of the knee.
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I just can’t get behind Pinot because he always disappoints in the GT’s. Seems like the great pretender when he should have been the great contender.

This race was a mess. Too many guys not in tip top race form due to lack of racing caused a lot of mistakes. Looked like a pinball game with bodies flying everywhere. Lucky nobody was seriously hurt. Was nice to watch the tour again but I didn’t enjoy this stage much with all the carnage. Then I have to put up with that knucklehead Liggett making wrong call after wrong call, missing names and completely missing the action or describing it incorrectly. Bloody annoying. Just dump this stooge already.
I always give Liggett a pass, but this time is just too much. He is disconnected from the sport really. He can't make comments if he doesn't follow cycling anymore. He should do himself and the fans a favor and retire.
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