Tour de France Tour de France 2020 | Stage 21 (Mantes-la-Jolie - Paris, 122 km)

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Bennett giving a surprisingly coherent analysis of the sprint and his tactics given that he must have adrenaline squirting out his ears.

He slid back past Stuyven and Pedersen because he had noticed a slight headwind on the previous lap. He then waited for Stuyven to start to peel off and had given himself an extra slight gap to Pedersen to get a run in his slipstream. Those lads really have to make decisions fast!
Great finish by Sam. Timed it perfectly off Stuyven and Mads’ wheels and couldn’t be caught. A well earned, well deserved jersey and stage win.

Would’ve been nice if Pedersen could’ve had a few more weeks in rainbows to get a classics win or something in the jersey. It feels like his “reign” has been completely shut down.

He's going to start a whole new trend if he's not careful :D
Taylor Phinney was wearing laces before it was cool.
Well done to Sam Bennett! First rider since Cavendish in 2011 to win the last stage in green.
Thought of that and checked before the race. How many times has it happened? I know Hinault won in yellow one year (82?) It feels like not many times, what with the green usually belonging to someone who picks up at least some points on some harder stages, and some other sprinter just being that little bit fresher into Paris.



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