Tour de France 2020 | Stage 4 (Sisteron – Orcières-Merlette, 160.5 km)

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Alaphilipe always been talented though. Winning races. Both one-day races and a couple stage-racers. One of the best riders in the world for a few years. At his peak of his abilities and he has developed quite naturally into it.

There isnt guys that crushes the field anymore in the mountains or a couple of guys being so much better than the rest when it comes to GC.

Why cant nobody get better? To me it aint a shock, but to each his own.
The only way Alaphilippe would make sense if he was riding around with too much fat and could conceivably slim down, but as a hilly specialist he wasn't reall ydoing that either, and despite being a hilly specialist, the Roche Aux Faucons or Civiglio would often prove way too much for him.
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