Tour de France 2020 | Stage 8 (Gazeres-sur-Geronne - Loudenvielle

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Laughable. It was a great race today. It’s only a crap day if you’re a die hard PeeNo fan. And if you’re one you should be used to these results. Standard fade for him.
Again though, Pinot usually breaks fans' hearts right near the end of the race, making all of the romance and suffering for nothing. He doesn't usually just capitulate until the fans have been on a rollercoaster first.
well, my personal favorites took a hit today.

pinot out.

dumo out of contention.

ala out.

what am i left with?

uran (i have a soft spot for EF)

soft spot now for nairo and richie as well.

pog (everything bernal isn't -- explosive, attacking and can TT -- and even younger)
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I'm sorry, but how does Roglic have so many fans? He seems nice enough and all and is obviously ultra strong but he's the most boring GC rider since maybe Wiggins
That's a little bit harsh on Wiggins. He had to turn himself inside out to stay with the natural climbers.

Whereas Roglic gives the impression of being capable of doing a lot more than he does?
Looks like Carapaiz beginning to come good...would have killed the Giro

Pogacar is best climber in the race
Roglic looked good but not wholly convinced

Big Tom is going to be a great Dom for Roglic

But JV werent as strong as have been except WVA who is brilliant
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