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Going back to my post about the weather being a factor. Later in the Tour and also definitely Giro. Already looking at stage 1 finish in Nice there might be rain at the back end of the stage. Then Sunday look a big mess. Thunderstorms possible between Turini and Colmaine and 60kmh gust down towards stage 2 finish. Also on top of Col de Turini temperature will be cold as northerly winds sweep across Italy and France. Northern Alpine slope will be seeing snow around 2000m. Stage 2 will be very interesting
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Betting sites see strange surge of bets come in on Antonio Nibali.
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Bernal to ride in Luke Rowes pocket and take 5 minutes on the GC field. I jest but the reality is that he has had some outstanding performances and results in the crosswinds before so if his back is behaving I expect him to profit if the winds get up.
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Surprised at Soler, he was awful at the Dauphine.

I'm a little surprised by the inclusion of Soler as well. I'm going with Valv.Piti that training for the Giro is about the only thing that makes sense. It appears they didn't have any of the young riders on their long or short list and those are the ones that appear to be in better form. Yes he was awful at the Dauphine. I do think an in form Soler is one of the top climbers in the peloton, however he's also extremely inconsistent. Which, for me, makes him a better candidate to go after the KOM jersey than an overall victory, or be a Super Dom for someone with better consistency who can go after an overall win.
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