Tour de France Tour de France 2021, Stage 18: Pau – Luz Ardiden, 129.7 km

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I agree with luckyboy. However nothing will change the outcome of Pogacar winning. What I don't want to see are the Indurain's tours. Those were probably the worst. Killing everyone in the Time Trials and then defending in the mountains.
Yeah when the best climber is also the best time trialist you can't do anything.

But in modern cycling we've seen it's much easier for top time trialists to limit losses in mountains vs top climbers learning to be world class in TT.

So the reality is that there are a handful of top clas time trialists but a lot of top climbers. And I think GTs should be designed to have as much competition as possible instead of just sticking to a formula that means only 2-3 people can because of tradition. Even the Vuelta this year has too many TT kms for me lol.
I honestly don't think Padun will do much, if he still could they would have brought him to the Tour and the nationals and Olympics and not the Settimana Ciclistica.
Could not bring him to the Tour. They had not put him on their long list of potential riders to be selected for the Tour that they send months in advance.

Im sure they would have selected him if they could after this performance in Dauphine.
I liked to imagine Pogacar's attacks were not all about showing superiority or winning stage again, it's like he's telling Vingegard "Okay, if you can't get rid of him, I'll do it before he does his thing again" regarding the Ineos passanger. He didn't seem to like them equally after yesterday.
There are more than 3 riders in the race. Maybe we would have had a proper breakaway with Soulor in the beginning, and different plausible scenarios for how Tourmalet and Luz-Ardiden would have been raced. Even the crappy 2011 stage had far more racing than this.
100% agree. The start of the last two days has been really disappointing compared to the uphill starts last week
Yeah, I wonder if they wanted to force a top name winning, given that people don't like it when rando break guys take half the stages at the Giro.

Still a really fun tour, mainly for the end of the first week. Two incredibly fun, memorable stages in Le Creuseot and LGB - and a handful of other fun ones is better than a lot of 2010s TDFs.

2019 still would have been an all-timer if not for....
Last man for his leader in the third week in both Giro and Tour. Super impressive.
To the point that he could follow Pog's attack for awhile. I wouldn't think he would ever be more prominent rider in a pointy end of a grand tour than, say, Ion Izagirre or Amador, from among riders who shares history with him. Hell, in this form he might even drop Landa:D


Sep 27, 2020
What a weird tour for Ala.

The organisers teed him up for success which he got, but he immediately became inconsequential and has only been randomly active in hopeless endeavours ever since
Yes, ASO should finally forget about Ala / Pinot winning TdF.
Next time the route should be designated for pure climbers.
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