Tour de France Tour de France 2021, Stage 9: Cluses – Tignes, 144.9 km

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Yesterday half the peloton came in with a few minutes to spare too, though. Will probably be only the Démare group.
Yep, at the mo you have a mix of people who are comfortable coasting in and the tight ones racing - by the line they'll all arrive together.

Cav group was 30 mins behind when he crossed the line so can ship 7 mins in the final 10km at still be OK, and there were only 5-10 behind them.
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If feel like everyone will just race for the remaining podium spots at this point, ignoring Pogacar. He looks unstoppable and there's no point in wasting energy in trying to get time back from him. If you disregard 1st place, the race is still quite interesting. It also looks like Cav may get to 34 stage wins and a green jersey. Is there anyone on this planet that would have believed that 6 months ago?
Yeah, there’s all kinds of interesting subplots now.
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