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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 1 (Copenhagen – Copenhagen, 13.2k/ITT)

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In the OP it states that the course is not very technical. I've heard people say it's not technical at all, except for the final 1/4 and I've also heard it's a very technical course.

Not to mention all the different weather forecasts. How am I able to predict this TT now?

I'm not familiar with the full course but of the parts of Copenhagen I've been to, the only part I'd say that's technical is the few hundred metres around Kastellet. From Kastellet in to the finish it's small enough roads and usual city level road traffic but nothing majorly difficult.

I wouldn't be familiar with much of the parts from Frederiksborggade to Osterport though.
As far as I can remember those streets, it must be for strong men after all.
Cyclocrossers can have some advantage in the end due to the cornering and the pull up after the corners.
But those bends are not very technical now, and the bends or turns are also wide enough to cycle through fairly quickly.