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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 1 (Copenhagen – Copenhagen, 13.2k/ITT)

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Tony Martin managed 51.8 kmh at the 2011 Copenhagen Worlds TT on a course which took them through some similar parts of the inner city. It wasn't too technical (as evidenced by the average speed) but still had some tricky sections. I remember Cancellara crashing, for instance. The length was 46.4 km (2 laps of 23.2).

Evenepoel's avg speed was 53 kmh at the Tour of Denmark TT 2021: A 10.8 km course with three 180 degree turns and several 90 degree turns. It was another part of Copenhagen (Frederiksberg) but also flat.



I know it's probably hard in a time trial but wonder do Pog and Rog hold back a little as it's very early to take yellow (and likely defending it for a while considering the next few stages).
I don't think so--these seconds between them (and possible challengers) matter too much to not go all out. The jersey will change over to a sprinter or breakaway rider in the next few stages.