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Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 3 (Vejle – Sønderborg, 182k)

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I think Ewan lacks a confidence, he’s around it but can’t work out how to land it
He's getting frustrated, couldn't do anything there. Once he went to the inside and WVA and Sagan moved across there was nowhere to go. I think Ewan just needs to get to the outside and find some clean air. His acceleration is so good, that he doesn't always need to come off wheels to win but of course he still has to time it right and not be too far back.
Feeling sorry for Sagan as idiot WVA not keeping his line, hopefully DE's DS challenges that to the comms. Not necessarily meaning Peto was a winning horse but the rules are them rules.

DG very humble at the interview. Was not actually jumping high from joy. I kinda see what it can be inside young man, when he's a truly fearsome warrior, then again not planning to kill anyone in his game, but somehow almost managed to get into that situation. And took all the hate this sport can give you, inside his head for a moment.