Tour de France Tour de France 2022: Stage 5 (Lille Métropole – Arenberg Porte du Hainaut, 157k)

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Why are Jumbo having someone with Van Aert and the rest of their team in the middle of nowhere? If he's done after the crash, he is done. You don't need to babysit a donkey if he is of no use anymore, send your guys up to Roglic and Vingegaard and stop "honouring the yellow jersey" or whatever that is.
Tbf I think it's fair to keep likes of Kuss and Kruijswijk back with him. They're not that much help anyway for a stage like this but if they can help a bit, might as well leave them there. Laporte and Benoot (and Van Hooydonck but hes been off the back already) need to be around Vingegaard and Roglic then
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