Tour de France Tour de France 2024 route rumours and announcements

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They could possible make a great and very non-standard Tour with the published GD and the finish in Nice. Let's hope they take advantage and do just that.
To continue and finish my thread of thought from earlier. And how the unusual start and especially finish in the 2024 could/should be used to design a really exciting route:

Stage 21: ITT Monaco - Nice
Stage 20: Something similar to the 2020 Nice stage - at least a tougher version of the last stage in PN.
Stage 19: Big Mercantour stage. Either something that ends with Cayolle-Bonette-Auron or Allos-Champs-Cayolle-Pra Loup.
Stage 15: Shorter and more explosive Pyrenees stage. Perhaps with a descent finish. For example Foix via Peguere.
Stage 14: Queen stage in the Pyrenees. A fitting stage could be Pau to Col de Portet via Aubisque, Tourmalet and Aspin.
Stage 4: Medium mountain stage in the Alps with a finish that could at least create certain gaps. LDA finish?

The route of course needs something more than this. A couple of stages with significance for the GC between stage 4 and 14. That could be a mountain stage in Vosges, Jura or Massif Central, a big medium mountain stage or if they could find somewhere to do a murito loop a couple of times. And a mountain stage on stage 17. Like copying the rumoured CD stage to the Bastille in Grenoble next year.

But the key should be the last weekend and a queen stage in the Pyrenees the pentultimate weekend avoiding too much backloading.
I hope stage 20 finishes in Monaco. I guess it'll start in Nice?

My guess is that Èze will feature, either as the last climb in stage 20 or in the ITT. I think it'll be in the ITT like this. If stage 20 finishes in Monaco, I think either Peille or Madone will be the last climb, and I think Turini will feature.
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A lot depends on the other 3 weeks of racing obviously. But this being highlighted makes me fear the worst. 35km makes me suspect it's the only ITT in the race. Starting stage 20 in Nice makes me think stage 19 isn't gonna be all that great either.
Given the finish on Col de la Couillole, the stage is nearly as good as it's gonna get. The only realistic improvement would be to start the stage with the traditional Èze ascent and descend down to La Trinité before Braus. Or more unrealistically, to start with Saint-Roch. The sequence of climbs actually used is optimal when coming from Nice.