Tour de France Stage 5: Carhaix - Cap Fréhel 164.5 km

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Nov 11, 2010
Parrulo said:
you can't say that. a few months ago a friend of mine who is a little bit insane sent a guy with a little over 1.80m and around 120kg's that has a good rep as some1 who likes to get into fights unconscious to the hospital with his face all ****ed up. and my friend is the same size as me 1.70m and weights 60 kg, and there was no hitting him on the face after he was on the ground he just punched him while he was able to stand up.

so size doesn't really matter :p
I wasn't talking about his size. I just called him that because I always call him something other than his name.
Jun 22, 2009
theyoungest said:
Well, he said that his teammates got him through the stage, because he lost all morale, which must mean something because the guy has had his share of crashes :eek:

I think we can write him off as a GC favourite.
He seemed reluctant to get to the front at first.
Hopefully he can bounce back. Not good signs.
thehog said:
Doping is no longer an issue. It's looking back which is destroying cycling.

Get off the meds old timer! What are you talking about?
did you sort of mix a few posts, HoG. I am just commenting on an observation about riders nervously looking back all the time and postulating that too much of that "might" contribute to "some" crashes.
(my buddies had a few laughs about the "Get off the meds old timer!" Wondering if you were referring to my wine drinking, which i wouldn't stop doing even if i had guaranties that my stopping would trigger temperance enthusiasm among bloggers and forum writers..)
Dekker_Tifosi said:
Greipel is furious with Gilbert. Gilbert was supposed to help him in the sprints and now Gilbert went for his own chance.

Greipel went into the bus without saying anything and looked angry, according to the Belgian teletext...

Well Gilbert is making many friends at his team
hrotha said:
I'm starting to dislike Gilbert. When you're so dominant, you have to remain a super cool saint or you start rubbing people the wrong way.

Of course, the finish suited Gilbert better than Greipel so the DS should have sorted it out beforehand.
surely - when your so dominant, in the form of your life, the team leader and having won a stage, worn yellow and are in contention for green overall .... surely - your team would be supporting you in every way. Surely you wouldnt be seriously expected to lead out a crappy sprinter who cant match it with the best anyway.

So yeah - I think the DS should have sorted it out, but its not about Gilbert making friends. His team mates should be supporting him.

Moose McKnuckles said:
Leopard Trek + Twitter = Muppets Take France
Just wanted to post it again :p
Jun 16, 2009
woodie said:
Fair enough then. At least you have some perspective I guess. I've never seen a crash in a sprint due to a head **** but that's just my experience
Yeah, when you have been involved in a crash sprinting at around 50km and get knocked off due to body contact and you are lucky not to be paralysed then you have a different perspective on sprinting.
May 27, 2010
auscyclefan94 said:
Yeah, when you have been involved in a crash sprinting at around 50km and get knocked off due to body contact and you are lucky not to be paralysed then you have a different perspective on sprinting.
Haha you think your the only one that has ever crashed? Don't assume things mate, I came off at 65km/h and broke my collarbone as well as being knocked out for several min, in a sprint. I ended up in an ambulance with a neckbrace on so I know what's that's like. I still sprint and use my elbows and head when needed because it keeps me upright. Maybe your just scared of falling off and that's affecting your perspective? Fair enough I guess

I know what the consequence of contact is with inexperienced riders. these guys are pros and for the majority, and especially sprinters, have great bike handling skills. they know how to handle a bump.
May 6, 2009
If you believe the version of events of the moto driver that Nikki Sorensen has his crash with, it would sounds as though it is a bit harsh that the driver has been kicked out of the Tour. With the amount of cars and motorbikes in the race it's wonder there isn't more accidents.
Jul 7, 2009
Benotti69 said:
i am always amazed watching the peloton have so many near misses in GTs whether it be motorbikes through the peloton, spectators not paying attention racing back on through the team cars etc..the motorbikes regularly pass through the peloton. i reckon it was wrong place at the wrong time for Sorenson to move a few centimetres to his right, surprised it hasn't happened more often, but that is due to the skills of the 2 wheelers both cyclists and bike motorcyclists.

but is there an official link for the motorcyclists removal from the race?
Apparantly it was immediately shouted on the race radio "Meet me at 'so and so' after the race so we can say good bye. You're out!"
Jul 14, 2009
greenedge said:
Cav just pwned..
He may be the best, but I still won't respect the person.

“I’ve watched him here at the Tour de France and I believe he’s the strongest sprinter in the world,” Cipollini told AFP prior to the sixth stage from Dinan to Lisieux.

“When it comes to sprints, with the kind of team he has, there’s no reason he should lose. But he needs a little bit more experience if he’s going to manage himself a little better.”
After his latest stage win on Wednesday Cavendish took umbrage with a journalist who mistakenly asked him to respond to accusations from Spaniard Jose Joaquin Rojas that he had been victim of an elbow from Cavendish.

It later emerged that Rojas had been talking about Italian sprinter Alessandro Petacchi, prompting Cavendish to fly into a rage and threatening the journalist with libel.