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Tour de Hongrie 2024-05-08 to 2024-05-12 ; 8th of May to 12th of May 2024

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The race

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Bet Trek are happy they had Skjelmose at Fleche...
Not particularly a fan of Skjelmose, but what happened there was pretty hard to predict. Nys also took a lot of people by surprise, likely including Trek.

But the thought has crossed my mind, with the recent coming of age of Nys, that Skjelmose might have to share some of the pie at Trek in the near future. Nys will likely not be evolving into a WT GC guy but it might not take long before he turns into an equally interesting option for a lot of classics.
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Well chapeau young Nys (still not 22 years old) and ol' man Poels. van den Broeck who won GC in Turkey is still obviously in a decent shape too.
Van den Broek without a c mainly lost time in stage 3 because he steered into the side of the road with 3km to go. Broke his bike as well. So then it was over. He would've been much closer (probably top 5) without that. But ey. I noticed he is kinda nervous sometimes or not looking where he is going. Last stage as well he bumped into some other cyclists while looking the other way